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Thursday, December 15, 2011

BeatCast! Podcast Episode 5 - Popculture Holiday Madness!

Seasons Greetings from the members of BeatCast!

In this pre-Xmas and New Year episode recorded last December 13, Tim "Timzster" and "Cerbojam" return after a brief absence, getting around to beginning the first half of the show by discussing the latest movie news and trailers that have hit the popculture scene while heading off to their local IMAX theater to catch the advanced screening of Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol! Later on, friends and pals Billy "It_Burns" and Mark "Mark Templar" join the fray on the second half recorded after the movie premiere, and the quartet give their two cents on the movie, as well as focusing on other news and events happening during the holiday season! From discussions on the MIB III and G.I. Joe Trailer to The Dark Knight Rises Prologue and the upcoming Xmas Toycon happening in Megamall this weekend, it's a no holds barred seasons greetings session of BeatCast for the last month of 2011!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

BeatCast! Podcast Episode 4 - The Real Deal October News Reel!

On the second month of the 'Ber season, Timzster and Cerbojam return to deliver a heavy set of updates for Geekmatic and BeatCast! Recorded on the night of October 11 2011 after watching the local Philippines premiere of Real Steel, the boys speak their minds and weigh in their thoughts on the movie, with Cerbo sharing a little insight on Dolphin Tale and What's Your Number? as well. Then, the duo proceed to talk about the newly released theatrical trailer of The Avengers, and give their expectations for the Joss Whedon directed film coming out next year! All that, plus talks about Halloween Parties, The Walking Dead Season 2, and NYCC '11 come your way on this edition of BeatCast!, as well as a reflection at the life of the late and great Apple wiz, Steve Jobs. Tune in and give us a listen!


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Friday, September 23, 2011

BeatCast! Episode 3.2 - Black Comedy Popculture Ride!

In this second installment of BeatCast's two-part podcast session, Tim and Mark are once again joined by their buddy Vince (Mark Templar), as well as another old friend and Back2Gaming alum Billy, aka It_Burns! Recorded on the evening of September 14 just after watching the advanced screening of the zany all-star black comedy called "Horrible Bosses", the boys pool in their thoughts on how the movie was, and chaos ensues as a result of it! Through the conversation, Timzster and It_Burns highlight the gaming category with impressions on Sony's Press Conference during Tokyo Game Show '11 week and expectations on the PS Vita. Also, more news piles up in the form of MORE DC The New 52 and comic book updates! With all of this recorded during one heck of a road trip, expect one heck of a session here, as delivered by BeatCast!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

BeatCast! Episode 3.1 - A Contagious Stream of Updates!

The boys of BeatCast! return for another "unhealthy" round of Popculture news and updates! Recorded last September 8th after watching the local advanced screening of "Contagion" in IMAX, regulars Timzster and Cerbojam are joined by the presence of one Mark Templar, and the trio give their thoughts on the aforementioned movie, as well as other movies they have seen prior to this like the Fright Night remake! Also, the boys remark on comic news, particularly the DC New 52 comic relaunch of DC Comics. Plus, a little tease on gaming and toys makes its way into the menu! Plus, a few shoutouts to the boys of BNO! Excaliburd!

This is the first of a two-part recording session held this month of September, so be sure to tune back in for the next installment!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

BeatCast! Podcast Ep. 2 - Comic Con, Movies, and Popculture News Pizza!

The boys of BeatCast! return for the month of August with TONS of updates and news to cover for the popculture spectrum! Ushering in the month of August with a new episode recorded this weekend, Timzster and Cerbojam tackle a zany range of awesome topics, covering highlights and news from last July's epic San Diego Comic-Con to reviewing the latest and greatest movie's running in theaters, including Captain America: The First Avenger, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and *gasp* The Smurfs!? It's all hear and now, so go on and give this episode of BeatCast! a listen!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

BeatCast! Podcast Ep. 1 - A Popculture News Mess!

Arising from the depths of darkness, Timzster and Cerbojam return to BeatCast! It's been a long time since the last podcast session, and the boys kick things off in high gear by discussing all the latest news and highlights from the popculture spectrum! With all the blockbuster movies out now in theaters, Tim and Mark give their impressions on Michael Bay's final Transformers movie - Transformers: Dark of the Moon, as well as discuss the mixed reactions surrounding DC's latest superhero material adapted into film, Green Lantern! They also look back at this past June's 10th Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention held at the SM Megamall, and give their thoughts on that two day event as well. With the impending release of the final Harry Potter movie and Captain America, as well news and buzz from this year's upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, the BeatCast! guys tackled a lot of topics on this session, so go and give this episode a listen!

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

BeatCast! Ep. 10 - By Odin's Beard! The Thor Premiere Podcast!

The summer blockbusters of 2011 are finally here, and the boys of BeatCast! were treated to the first mega movie premiere of the season - Marvel Studios' "Thor"! After months of anticipation and discussion, we finally saw the first Marvel superhero movie of 2011 last April 27, courtesy of Solar UIP and SM Cinema, over at the IMAX theater in SM North... Viewing the entire thing from start to finish in mind-boggling 3D! As a result, we had to do an impromptu podcast session on the spot (which you're listening to now!), and we gave our two cents worth of the Kenneth Branagh film, which was an absolute spectacle to behold for fans of the character and newbies alike! Tune in and listen to the rest of our opinions, as well as a few solid notes on other popculture topics that hit recently and the past Holy Week! Tune in to your headphones and listen up to our conversations praising "Odin's Beard", for it's time for BeatCast! Verily!

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