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Saturday, April 30, 2011

BeatCast! Ep. 10 - By Odin's Beard! The Thor Premiere Podcast!

The summer blockbusters of 2011 are finally here, and the boys of BeatCast! were treated to the first mega movie premiere of the season - Marvel Studios' "Thor"! After months of anticipation and discussion, we finally saw the first Marvel superhero movie of 2011 last April 27, courtesy of Solar UIP and SM Cinema, over at the IMAX theater in SM North... Viewing the entire thing from start to finish in mind-boggling 3D! As a result, we had to do an impromptu podcast session on the spot (which you're listening to now!), and we gave our two cents worth of the Kenneth Branagh film, which was an absolute spectacle to behold for fans of the character and newbies alike! Tune in and listen to the rest of our opinions, as well as a few solid notes on other popculture topics that hit recently and the past Holy Week! Tune in to your headphones and listen up to our conversations praising "Odin's Beard", for it's time for BeatCast! Verily!

You can give a listen to the episode in the player above, or download it here!

Monday, April 11, 2011

BeatCast! Ep. 9.5 - The Mach Diesel Podcast Sessions III: More Stupid Bomb Geek Madness!

This Third Installment of The Mach Diesel podcast Sessions picks up right where the last one left off! After separating from Billy and Angel, the trio of Tim, Mark, and Mach didn't get enough of the BeatCast! action, so another episode was recorded while they hit the road! Delving more into topics that include Marvel movies, action figures, and comics, we go all out with the hobbies and interests in this extra episode, and it's no holds barred with Mach Diesel in the house!

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BeatCast! Ep. 9 - The Mach Diesel Podcast Sessions II: Stupid Bomb Coffee Group Mix!

In the second installment of the Mach Diesel Podcast Sessions, Tim, Mark, and the visiting Mach Diesel are joined by their witty friends Billy and Angel,and together the fast five settle down in Seattle's Best Coffee for some discussion time, particularly on the fields of Stupid Bomb, games, toys, and... Justin Bieber?! Unfortunately, the show had to be cut as the coffee shop closed its doors for the day! Yes, it's is a short episode of BeatCast!, but it was a wild one with the company involved, so give this one a listen nevertheless!

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BeatCast! Ep. 8 - The Mach Diesel Podcast Sessions I: Break The Mach Down!

BeatCast! returns... and this time with more episodes that took weeks in the making to get online! In this first installment of what shall be known as the "Mach Diesel Podcast Sessions", Mark returns from Korea and introduces me to the great one and proprietor of SMU Toys, Mach Diesel himself! The epic meeting conducted last March 31 brought about more awesomeness and hilarious moments than one could chew, and together the three of us sat down and discussed the nitty and gritty on the popculture news spectrum... as well as a few discussions on ladies and life, courtesy of Mach himself! It was awesome times in this episode, and definitely something not to miss for BeatCast! listeners out there!

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