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Saturday, January 29, 2011

BeatCast! Episode 2 - The Rite and other Popculture Tales...

BeatCast! returns for another episode of popculture goodness... as seen by pinoy fanboys! On the night of January 27, Tim and Mark watched the advanced screening of Anthony Hopkins' first film of 2011, The Rite! Joining them along for commentary on the movie as special guest is their dear friend Vince, and together the boys go down the list of geekery by talking about more things happening in movies, comics, games. From updates on Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises; The local launch date of Dead Space 2; to the revelation of the new Thundercats series.... There's a lot to be heard and said in this edition, and it's a long one at that! Listen up!

You can give a listen to the episode in the player above, or download it here!

Friday, January 21, 2011

BeatCast! Episode 1 - The Green Hornet Premiere!

Prepare for excitement and adventure as the boys of BeatCast return for a new wave of podcast sessions that focus on the world of popculture! In the very first episode of the new series for the year 2011, we talk about the long awaited film adaptation of The Green Hornet, starring comedian Seth Rogen as the titular hero and Jay Chou as his sidekick Kato! Fresh from watching the premiere of the movie last January 17, we are joined by our friends and special guests Billy, Ricky, and Jobeth, as we give our comments and opinions about the superhero comedy flick and relate it to its legacy!

You can give a listen to the episode in the player above, or download it here!