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Thursday, March 24, 2011

BeatCast! Ep. 7 - The Sucker Punch Premiere! (Feat. Back2Gaming)

Like moths to a flame and gangsters riding high, Tim and his friends from Back2Gaming Vince and Billy made their way to SM Mall of Asia and saw the premiere of Zack Snyder's newest sensational epic action flick, Sucker Punch! Hear the tale and listen as the boys give their insights on this "headtrip" (as Billy likes to call it), and see how the visual implementation of anime, videogame, and comic book themes can blend so naturally into a film that enlists 5 gorgeous mental asylum babes and brings them into conflict with a various threats, including big ass samurai monters, nazi zombies, and fire-breathing dragons! It's as raw as it's gonna get on this newest collaboration between fanboy minds, and best be prepared for some hilarious moments concerning Billy, his *cough cough* Artbook, and his ramblings on depression! Listen up and enjoy the show!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BeatCast! Episode 6 - On Red Riding Hood and other Podcasting nonsense!

The boys of BeatCast are at it once again! After watching and going through the premiere of the "Twilight-flavored" Red Riding Hood, Tim, Mark, Billy, and Vince give their impressions on the movie and try to look for more positive ways to express their opinions on it aside from Gary Oldman's acting presence! Promotion and discussion for Back2Gaming's Podcast series also make their way into the conversation, and along with the usual round-up of games, movies, and other popculture news on the horizon, you have another intense session that goes from a parking lot to McDonald's! It's another BeatCast moment on and off the road, so go ahead and give it a listen!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

BeatCast! Episode 5 - Crazy Table Group Discussions!

BeatCast! returns for the new month of March, with a group discussion that's just going to rip your head all over the place! Returning to the table are mainstays Tim, Mark, and Billy, and joining them is their lovely and dear friend Angel, and together they talk about the latest trends and news running around town, namely Mark's coverage of Varekai at the Manila Hotel, plus rants about more fighting games, namely Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Marvel Vs Capcom 3! Animated series news and other popculture trends come into the picture, but the discussion quickly regresses back into the fighting game circle, with more talk on MvC 3, the 20th Anniversary of Street Fighter II, and Billy delivering his Guilty Gear XX knowledge in a frenzy! All the voices run wild, and Angel serves up a dose of wacky comments, resulting in a podcast that's just outrageous! It's the craziest BeatCast episode yet, so tune in and give it a listen!

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